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    Rehealing of Nature

    I read this morning that the water in Venice is running clear!  That is hasn’t looked like this for decades.  We know that Italy is under lockdown from the COVID 19 virus.  I can’t help but wonder how much nature is going to heal while we are all quarantined.  How much will the trees replenish?  How much coral will regrow?  How will the oceans be able to recover while we humans are hiding in our homes, working remotely, not commuting to the office, not polluting the environment, not consuming resources, not polluting the environment?  I am not a scientist, but I do love nature.  I love the gift it brings…

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    Tenters no more!

    I love camping.  We are planning our trips this summer.  In fact, we have purchased a small travel trailer. It’s pretty exciting for us.  I have begun thinking about decorating the inside to our taste!  We have plans to camp near Gravenhurst in Ontario for the long weekend in May.  We went to this location last summer, with the kayaks and our provincial park day pass.  This spring we will have the canoe and plan to purchase a park pass again before we head north. In previous years Sam and I have camped in our tent, on a non-serviced site.  We use our camp stove and “rough it”.  Now that…

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    Dempster Highway, Yukon

    One of my favourite things while visiting the Yukon was driving up the Dempster Highway to Tombstone Territorial Park.  Our original plan was to take the highway to Eagle Plains and reach the rim of the arctic circle. Unfortunately, the rain altered this plan for us as we were in a rented RV (the only way to travel around the Yukon in my opinion) and didn’t have the proper supplies (extra tires, satellite phone). Travelling north on the gravel highway in the rain was slow, our max. speed was close to 35KM per hour.  There was so much mud and potholes! We were able to stop a few times to…

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    Lake Huron – Love this lake

    Lake Huron is my favourite great lake.  It is deep, clean and many times glows that Caribbean blue colour that makes everyone happy! I can’t really say I have a favourite beach, Ipperwash, Pinery and Grand Bend are the ones I visit the most, but Sauble is an amazing beach as well!  I think I love them all so much because the sand is light in colour, soft and the communities do a great job in keeping the beach clean.  Grand Bend and Sauble have a great strip of shops and restaurants.  We pack a picnic when we head to Ipperwash and the Pinery as there are limited options for…