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Tenters no more!

I love camping.  We are planning our trips this summer.  In fact, we have purchased a small travel trailer. It’s pretty exciting for us.  I have begun thinking about decorating the inside to our taste!  We have plans to camp near Gravenhurst in Ontario for the long weekend in May.  We went to this location last summer, with the kayaks and our provincial park day pass.  This spring we will have the canoe and plan to purchase a park pass again before we head north.

Hardy Lake Provincial Park, Ontario

In previous years Sam and I have camped in our tent, on a non-serviced site.  We use our camp stove and “rough it”.  Now that we are a little older we are looking forward to being off the ground and having a toilet only a few steps away!  This trailer is going to be a huge luxury for us!  We are already talking about going East with it and parking it for a few weeks at a campground close to work.  I hope that we travel more within Canada using this home on wheels!

Grundy Lake Provincial Park, Ontario

It took us a while to choose our camper.  We wanted under 18 feet for those great waterfront sites.  We also wanted one that is light in weight so that we had lots of control and can tow it with the Jeep Wrangler.  We went to two RV shows, visited many online dealer sites and finally found one by chance that met all our needs while taking a seminar on RV ownership!  Our camper is used, but only a couple of years old.  We will be able to carry the kayaks on the Jeep and the bikes on the trailer with ease.  It has a queen-size bed, nice kitchen area, no dinette as we plan to eat our meals outside and of course the mandatory washroom!  It is a wet bath, meaning the bathroom is the shower stall with the toilet all in one, which is fine with us!  Sam is also happy there is room for our dog to be comfortable in there as well!

We took our time looking for our camper.  We did a lot of research and went through a lot of units.  We figured out what we definitely wanted and what we really didn’t want.  My advice to you is to do the same.  It is easy to get caught up in all the flashy options and the décor in many different options.  You need to know which layouts are important to you, what you want for sleeping area, and then how much you plan to use the kitchen/dinette.  For us, it took a while.  It was many changed minds, many discussions about our budget, how important it was that we could boondock.  We needed to be able to be completely off the grid! 

I can’t wait to start making memories in our new little summer home on wheels, and sharing our aventures with you!