Rehealing of Nature

I read this morning that the water in Venice is running clear!  That is hasn’t looked like this for decades.  We know that Italy is under lockdown from the COVID 19 virus.  I can’t help but wonder how much nature is going to heal while we are all quarantined.  How much will the trees replenish?  How much coral will regrow?  How will the oceans be able to recover while we humans are hiding in our homes, working remotely, not commuting to the office, not polluting the environment, not consuming resources, not polluting the environment? 

I am not a scientist, but I do love nature.  I love the gift it brings us every day and can’t help but wonder how much of a gift are we giving to nature by not abusing it.  Spring is the time when regrowth naturally happens.  It will be amazing to watch how this spring unveils itself to us.  Will our water be cleaner?  Will our trees be stronger?

I am excited for the summer.  I am excited for the quarantine to be over.  I am hopeful for our environment and will be watching for studies to show us the positive impact that was made on the environment.  I am happy to have something else to be looking forward to, something grand, a gift to nature that we as humans couldn’t do on our own.  Our species had to be threatened for us to sit up, to listen, to act.  And now, I believe, nature has a window of found opportunity to self-heal as well.

A conspiracy theorist may have you asking huge questions right now, but as a regular gal who trusts people to much, I am just going to sit back and watch the outdoors become greener, plusher and really come alive.  I hope you notice it too.

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