University of Life


When driving home the other day, I started to think back to elementary school. About the friends I had, the friends I wanted, and the kid I was. It was interesting looking back and comparing my experience to my kids. Similarities and the differences. The choices I made growing up and the ones they have, at least the ones I know of.

I know there are times when I could have been better. Done better. But I forgive myself for making some wrong moves, and although there are people who I know have forgiven me as well, I don’t know if all have.

I still have relationships with people whom I met when I was nine years old. I can’t say I have known them for over 30 years, because I haven’t. Social media isn’t the forum to really know someone. Even I, who post frequently, what I share is surface level usually. There have been deeper thoughts shared for sure, and the door has been swung wide open to allow anyone in, but we are not all as public. Some of us are not at all.

I know I have these relationships and friendships if you will because there is a human connection with them. I call or message them directly, I have dinner with them once a year if we are lucky enough to align the schedules. These people who I have known the length of my life, we have a different level of connection. One that doesn’t need to be viewed by the world. These people, they are who many would call true friends. Life long friends.

I love the people in my life. The ones that I can call up sporadically and share a nice chat with. People who, after 8 months of minimal contact, can go and have a lovely dinner with. For those who have stuck around after all these years. I appreciate you and love you.