Forty-Four Times Around The Sun

Finding my forties are the best Another birthday during the covid-19 pandemic. January 2022. I just turned 44. Usually, I am excited about my birthday. I was excited about my birthday. I made some plans to see some friends. Ontario Canada is in another lockdown and outdoor patios are permitted to be open. Yes, in […]

Hearing the word F*%K throughout the house

Sharing inside our home with workmates Our home currently is the home office for two full-time employees, one college student and one high-school student who is full-time remote. We all have our designated workspaces, separated by doors. My son is working on his first year of college from his bedroom and at times is caught […]

Building Empowerment

Saying yes to the unknown reveals strengths When I saw my friend’s post about traveling to Honduras to build a school, I knew in my heart that I needed to as well. There was something inside me that just screamed GO; you must do this. I did not know the organization that I was signing […]

Do not wait to give your boss a HARD NO

And keep saying NO I almost jumped out of a moving car; I really did. The feeling was something that I had never experienced before, but it was STRONG and gut-wrenching. I obviously had to protect my physical well being and did. What I also did was stand firm, said “NO” and repeated myself twice. […]

Biggest White Christmas Ever!

What I want for Christmas this year, is the biggest damn winter snowstorm we have ever had. I want so much snow that no one would even consider going out. Yes, I like the snow, and yes in other years wishing for such a thing would be so selfish. BUT Christmas 2020 is different.  This […]