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    Building Empowerment

    Saying yes to the unknown reveals strengths When I saw my friend’s post about traveling to Honduras to build a school, I knew in my heart that I needed to as well. There was something inside me that just screamed GO; you must do this. I did not know the organization that I was signing up with. I did not know how I was going to raise the money to go (close to $3,000.) I did know that I trusted the universe to guide me through this decision and that I had to take this opportunity to put some good into the world myself. World Accord’s headquarters is in Kitchener,…

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    Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

    When we decided to go to Costa Rica, we didn’t want to be at a resort.  We wanted to eat at local restaurants and venture around on our own.  We booked a hotel room at Toro Blanco in Playas del Coco. We felt very safe and happy there as the hotel was gated and the hotel staff was great at knowing all the vacationers who were staying. The room had a kitchenette which allowed us to prepare our own breakfast and lunches (we did eat out many times to enjoy the local food).  The room also included a great private dining table on our “porch” of our room.  Additionally, the…

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    Me… a Mermaid!?!

    Going Diving for the first time was one of the coolest experiences I have had.  I have done lots of snorkelling and I will say, it is NOT the same! Going 35 feet underwater and seeing the abundant life that is below made me like a real mermaid!  I will reference that feeling as I am unsure how else to explain how I felt when I was able to breathe under the water for 53 minutes! My adventure began by talking with a couple of dive shops and choosing one.  Truly, I went with a local shop (www.coconuttreedivers.com ) that I had read about online, and one that my “guts”…

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    Roatàn, Honduras

    Going to Roatàn was planned as a short trip of 3 and half days. We wanted to try diving, relax in the sun and get some saltwater on the skin! We stayed in the West End. It’s a huge diving community and you can find discovery dives at many dive shops. The West End had a nice variety of restaurants and hotels. There was a great coffee shop close as well. Hotels seem to range a lot in pricing and amenities. After being there I would be less concerned about booking a hotel right on the water as water and beach access is everywhere. We stayed this first night at…

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    Honduras – building with World Accord

    Last year I turned 40. I felt it was my time to put some good into the world and through the realm of Facebook I saw that a long lost friend was travelling to Honduras with the organization World Accord. This organization is based in K-W Ontario and is non-denominational. They have a variety of programs in a variety of countries that you can peruse: www.worldaccord.org I spent two weeks working in a small community building a Kindergarten school. It was constructed of cement blocks, rebar, and lots of laughs and love. The community was more than welcoming to us. They worked along side us and showered us in local…

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