Dempster Highway, Yukon

One of my favourite things while visiting the Yukon was driving up the Dempster Highway to Tombstone Territorial Park.  Our original plan was to take the highway to Eagle Plains and reach the rim of the arctic circle. Unfortunately, the rain altered this plan for us as we were in a rented RV (the only way to travel around the Yukon in my opinion) and didn’t have the proper supplies (extra tires, satellite phone).

The sound in this video is not ideal, lower or mute your volume!

Travelling north on the gravel highway in the rain was slow, our max. speed was close to 35KM per hour.  There was so much mud and potholes! We were able to stop a few times to take in some of the incredible views and appreciate the slopes of the mountains in this area. The weather changed a lot this day, and at times I was in my t-shirt and other times I wore my jacket and hat!

Once we reached the park, we visited the Interpretive Centre and talked with the staff about how far north we could travel and what to expect.  We continued north for another 100KM, stopping at Two Moose Lake.  The scene will never leave my mind.  The permafrost started and our view was mountains and low bushes, no more trees.  The smell was incredibly fresh and clean.  We laid on the ground and soaked it all in for easily an hour.  This was what we came for.  Quiet, fresh, stillness.

Because of the condition of the road travelling north, we decided that we may have a long journey back south.  The road however dried quickly and we were able to travel 80 KM per hour!  What a difference.

There are times when I felt that I didn’t complete my journey on this trip, that there is something more that calls me back.  Completing the journey north to the arctic circle, to the ocean is one of them.  When I think of the north, I feel that it keeps calling me to come back, to complete my journey. There is so much to see in the Yukon and Northern Canada. I am excited for the next opportunity that takes me back!