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    Petra, Jordan

    I’m embarrassed to share that I didn’t know what Petra was until I met my now husband Sam. He was baffled that I wasn’t aware of such a beautiful majestic wonder. 5 years later I stood in front of the treasury. We arrived by bus and opted to walk the 1.5 KM to the Treasury. The walk was amazing as we were able to take our time and see many carvings in the stone, take a close look at the water system and take many pictures! Other options were to ride a horse or a carriage to the Treasury. I’m glad we took our time and walked. Walking also allowed…

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    Wadi Rum, Jordan

    Leaving Aman, we drove down the Desert Highway towards Wadi Rum. It was a long drive and it was broken up with a stop for lunch. The lunch stop was a buffet of rice, salad and of course other middle eastern food. It also contained a large gift shop where I picked out one item (an oil lamp) that happened to be authentic and was priced at $3000 USD! It did not come home with us that day! I did, however, enjoy another delicious Turkish coffee, mmmmm! We were given Keffiyeh scarves when we crossed into Jordan. Many of the local people in Jordan helped us tie our Keffiyeh scarves,…

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    The Dead Sea

    What I didn’t know about the Dead Sea is that it is disappearing and is projected to be completely gone within 70 years. Israel and Jordan are working on solutions to the situation, but adding more water isn’t exactly going to save the Dead Sea, the salt concentration is about 35%, regular saltwater from the oceans is about 5%. ¬†See the dilemma? Visiting the Dead Sea is another adventure that I will never forget and really it’s the experience of being in the water and the Dead Sea mud that makes the outing unforgettable. ¬†Watching my husband slather on the mud like a warrior was hilarious. He wore his mud…