Tenters no more!

I love camping.  We are planning our trips this summer.  In fact, we have purchased a small travel trailer. It’s pretty exciting for us.  I have begun thinking about decorating the inside to our taste!  We have plans to camp near Gravenhurst in Ontario for the long weekend in May.  We went to this location […]

The Excitement of planning!

It is such fun planning the next trip. Booking the flights, making arrangements for lodging and planning the day to day activities. When we travel we love to take the trains and the local public transportation. Often it is faster and much cheaper. Please don’t get caught up in private transport as drivers are not […]

Prepping for Peru!

We are heading south of the equator!!!   I am getting to the “can’t sleep I’m too excited” phase of our pre-trip planning. Our group is 7 strong, 3 moms, 3 kids and Sam!  The kids range in age from 13-18 and we adults are of average fitness, who are also desk jockeys by day! We […]