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    Tenters no more!

    I love camping.  We are planning our trips this summer.  In fact, we have purchased a small travel trailer. It’s pretty exciting for us.  I have begun thinking about decorating the inside to our taste!  We have plans to camp near Gravenhurst in Ontario for the long weekend in May.  We went to this location last summer, with the kayaks and our provincial park day pass.  This spring we will have the canoe and plan to purchase a park pass again before we head north. In previous years Sam and I have camped in our tent, on a non-serviced site.  We use our camp stove and “rough it”.  Now that…

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    When it wasn’t a bug bite.

    By the time we landed back in Canada and were about an hour’s drive left from home I knew I needed to go straight to the ER.  That is how my amazing trip to Peru ended. Crying in the car wondering what the heck bit me and what was going to be the treatment, cause at that point in time I wanted my leg removed, just take it off, kinda pain. Let me rewind back a few days for you.  We were day 2, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, my dream trip.  We were not in the tip-top shape we had hoped to be in before making this hike. …

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    The Excitement of planning!

    It is such fun planning the next trip. Booking the flights, making arrangements for lodging and planning the day to day activities. When we travel we love to take the trains and the local public transportation. Often it is faster and much cheaper. Please don’t get caught up in private transport as drivers are not always honest with fares. Many locations do have fares posted and it’s always good to ensure that the fare is agreed upon before you accept the ride! We experienced a driver who tried to convince us to allow him to drive us for 120 euros an hour and a half when the train was an…

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    Prepping for Peru!

    We are heading south of the equator!!!   I am getting to the “can’t sleep I’m too excited” phase of our pre-trip planning. Our group is 7 strong, 3 moms, 3 kids and Sam!  The kids range in age from 13-18 and we adults are of average fitness, who are also desk jockeys by day! We have been training for the physical requirements of the hike, but we are by no means in tip-top form! We are getting more excited and nervous each day! We have our backpacks, our platypus hydration bags, our waist bags and hiking boots ready to go! Packing! Oh the packing!  The days will be about 20…

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    What to pack!?

    “Man, you are a good packer” is what a friend told me on one of our trips.  I hadn’t really thought about it before. I have read many articles on packing tips in the past and always check out the weather patterns before I leave, but didn’t think of myself as “a good packer”!! I have travelled with rolling bags, with backpacks, with carry on only and with checked luggage.  So far no mishaps or missing luggage. I have had the notices in my luggage that they have been searched, but nothing has ever gone missing. I have read about other people’s travels and their stories of missing items.  …