Travel 101

The Excitement of planning!

It is such fun planning the next trip. Booking the flights, making arrangements for lodging and planning the day to day activities.

When we travel we love to take the trains and the local public transportation. Often it is faster and much cheaper. Please don’t get caught up in private transport as drivers are not always honest with fares. Many locations do have fares posted and it’s always good to ensure that the fare is agreed upon before you accept the ride! We experienced a driver who tried to convince us to allow him to drive us for 120 euros an hour and a half when the train was an hour and 9 euros!

We do our best to book our rooms within walking distance from the train stations. Extra bonus when they are also close to the metro! We have booked hotels, apartments and have rented RVs for lodging. We love the experience of living close to the locals and like the locals! This next upcoming trip we have booked a special surprise that you will have to wait to hear about!

Usually, we plan where we are going to be (due to pre-booking lodging) and a couple of must-do per city. We always try to leave room for just strolling around and people watching. We never really know where we are going to eat and what extra special hidden gems that we might stumble upon. That’s one of my favourite things about travelling with Sam. The spontaneity.