Middle East

The Dead Sea

What I didn’t know about the Dead Sea is that it is disappearing and is projected to be completely gone within 70 years. Israel and Jordan are working on solutions to the situation, but adding more water isn’t exactly going to save the Dead Sea, the salt concentration is about 35%, regular saltwater from the oceans is about 5%.  See the dilemma?

Kalia Beach, Dead Sea, Israel

Visiting the Dead Sea is another adventure that I will never forget and really it’s the experience of being in the water and the Dead Sea mud that makes the outing unforgettable.  Watching my husband slather on the mud like a warrior was hilarious. He wore his mud mask proudly, as did I, as did everyone who partook in the mud! It is very relaxing floating in the Dead Sea, and there really isn’t much to it. However, you do need to work those abs to get your legs back underneath you!  I was able to assure a couple of others that I’d help them get resettled!!!

Things to remember to bring with you when visiting the Dead Sea, an extra towel for after you shower off the salt, swim goggles for any little people as on one wants that saltwater in the eyes and water shoes!  There can be many rocks and sharp salt pieces that can scratch or cut your feet. Also, it’s important to shave a few days out, not the day of as salt will make your freshly shaved body sting!!! The salt water makes your skin silky smooth and I was concerned about my bathing suit being eaten by the salt like chlorine, but it didn’t seem to do any harm!  We were told to remove jewelry, two reasons really. The first is obvious, you don’t want to lose it. The second is that the salt content can apparently cause damage. We were also told to only be in the water for about 20 mins at a time. The minerals and the salt content can strain the body and increase blood pressure! It is so relaxing floating around that it is easy to lose track of time!