Central America

Honduras – building with World Accord

Last year I turned 40. I felt it was my time to put some good into the world and through the realm of Facebook I saw that a long lost friend was travelling to Honduras with the organization World Accord. This organization is based in K-W Ontario and is non-denominational. They have a variety of programs in a variety of countries that you can peruse: www.worldaccord.org

I spent two weeks working in a small community building a Kindergarten school. It was constructed of cement blocks, rebar, and lots of laughs and love. The community was more than welcoming to us. They worked along side us and showered us in local homemade snacks and delicious coffee. To say that my heart was filled with joy is not enough to express how I felt.

With the support of my family, friends and work acquaintances, I was able to fundraise the required fees.  The money raised goes to the building supplies for the school and for my own room and board while in Honduras.  It does not cover my flight expenses.  I also packed several work gloves, which I gave to some community members when we were finished the build, and I left a lot of the clothing that I had worn there to be distributed to those in need.  We are very fortunate when in Honduras, as the village that we stay in is prosperous and is very aware and welcoming of the work that World Accord has done for not only their community, but for many communities around them.  It is safe, and many people want to stop you and say hello, heck, some even hug you for all the work and the opportunities for education that has been provided to them.

As a woman on the site, I was watched a bit. Not in a weird way but in total awe as usually there are not women doing this type of work!  For me, it was an opportunity to let young women see what they can do and to plant the seed in the minds of men and women that women can build!  I had several young girls wanting to help twist the wire with me the fist week, and one mom come and join us cutting wire.  Later the following week several female teenagers wanted to help lay the tile floor. I hope that perhaps my presence there did more than just provide a needed school but provided a difference in perception.

Something that I was not prepared for was how much I would miss the families I met. How much I would think of them.  

I wonder if they think of me.