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This section of my blog is dedicated to the random thoughts and lessons that life has taught me. One of my favourite quotes from my Dad is "I got my education from the University of Life."

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    Do not wait to give your boss a HARD NO

    And keep saying NO I almost jumped out of a moving car; I really did. The feeling was something that I had never experienced before, but it was STRONG and gut-wrenching. I obviously had to protect my physical well being and did. What I also did was stand firm, said “NO” and repeated myself twice. It slowly and shockingly devastated me that what I was saying was not being heard, nor taken seriously. I thought to myself that this conversation could not actually be happening, that I wasn’t actually hearing this. I was also shocked to learn that my intuition was telling me that this was not the first time…

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    Biggest White Christmas Ever!

    What I want for Christmas this year, is the biggest damn winter snowstorm we have ever had. I want so much snow that no one would even consider going out. Yes, I like the snow, and yes in other years wishing for such a thing would be so selfish. BUT Christmas 2020 is different.  This Christmas I am looking for the comfort of bad weather to be the reason I cannot see my family. The comfort of feeling that if there was not a global pandemic happening, I would not be able to travel anyways, due to the poor weather. That would be just foolish. There are many of us…

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    November 2020

    I have been writing a lot for work lately, and not much for me. It feels like it has been a long time since I wrote from the heart. How are you? I am doing ok. And I say ok because I have been seeing some friends and having some progress at work. However, last night I had a cry. I miss the part of my life that is super social. The part where I go to meetings and sit in a board room. The part where I did not think about the potential consequences of unknowingly spreading a virus by going for a beer. I was sick a few…

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    Breasts, boobies, tatas

    Whatever you call them, mammary glands are everywhere. Not usually a topic in the workplace, October is the perfect time for an important subject. It is October, which is breast cancer awareness month, and I want to discuss breasts. Traditionally this is not a common platform for this topic, but I feel strongly that breast cancer is an important one for people to discuss. Breast cancer is a common diagnosis in Canadian women and affects more than just the individual person who is diagnosed. 2020 has been a weird and tough year for so many people and for so many reasons. I want to share with you one of the…

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    The dress that didn’t get to dance

    But it sure did sparkle. 2020, the year of fantastical changes, grand parties full of sparkles and beauty, the year that was to be significantly awesome. We were to dance, party and grow as we entered the next decade, the one where we were to get our robot maids named Rosie! What we did get, which we quickly learnt we did not necessarily want was talking through laptops for work, just like George, and learning in our bedrooms, just like Elroy. I bought this dress, and two others, for the year of the party. I was knowingly attending two galas this year and had in the plan’s attendance to several…