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Biggest White Christmas Ever!

What I want for Christmas this year, is the biggest damn winter snowstorm we have ever had. I want so much snow that no one would even consider going out. Yes, I like the snow, and yes in other years wishing for such a thing would be so selfish. BUT Christmas 2020 is different.  This Christmas I am looking for the comfort of bad weather to be the reason I cannot see my family. The comfort of feeling that if there was not a global pandemic happening, I would not be able to travel anyways, due to the poor weather. That would be just foolish.

There are many of us who are feel neutral about the holidays this year. I know I am not alone. BUT there are so many people out there who are also super into the Christmas spirit. They have more outdoor lights up then ever before, their tree was up in November, and they are wearing their Christmas jammies and posting their cute holiday prep photos online. These people’s enthusiasm is helpful, it makes me smile and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. It does not make me feel that I am not doing what I am to be. I am so past worrying about what I ‘think’ I should be doing, and I just do what I do. We too have our Christmas jammies, we decorated the tree as a family, and we are talking about Christmas plans. But my heart is not fully into it yet. I want you to know that if you are not 100% into it this year, it is ok. You are not alone. I am not alone.

We plan to feast, drink fine wine, and spend time chilling as a family. We are fans of the board game Catan and Pente. If you have not played them before, you should! I have linked them for you to check out on Amazon. If you have more than four people in your family you will need to add the expansion pack for Catan, here is the link for the bundle. If you do not have plans for New Year’s eve yet, these games are a sure hit!

So, this year, I think we will leave our lights up longer. Keeping the warm glow and smiles that they bring well into January. When there is a vaccination for us, and I can hug my family safely, you bet your ass I will be doing just so.  Remember, whatever your plans are, be safe, be smart and remember that your community members are relying on you to be responsible when visiting others.

But none of us will be able to travel, because I have asked Santa for the biggest snowstorm!

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