University of Life


Today was a pretty normal day.  Coffee, yoga, some computer work.  And then two things happened. 

One was a sexual comment via a social media message which triggered some pretty strong feelings.  This was the first time for me, and I went into total mom mode.  Once I was finished telling this man that his comment was rude and inappropriate, he apologized.  I don’t understand the power people “believe” they will feel making these comments to people.  I say believe because it should not be power at all, but a demonstration of their poor character. I understand why some women embrace the attention of that kind, that loneliness brings a want that can end up being hurt.  But I will never tolerate comments like I received today.  Is it “right” that people feel they can just say what they want at the moment to anyone online.  The safety net of hiding behind a screen.  If you wouldn’t say it to my face, then please don’t private message it to me.  I wouldn’t do that to someone.

I will say that I have built a couple of new friendships online.  One with a lady from Scotland who is about my age, I guess, since we have kids about the same age.  So, either way, we are at the same stage in life.  We have chatted about the virus, about our daily routines, the education changes for our kids.  How we are handling the changes that have come to our own lives.  I do like our little messages of checking in. It makes me feel good, and I hope it makes her feel good too.

The second thing that happened makes the first annoyance insignificant.  In February, I had a feeling to reach out to an old friend.  I don’t know what it was, but she was heavily on my mind for days.  So, I dug out the only email address I had from 20 years ago and gave it a shot.  Thank goodness for Gmail!  Today she replied.  There was some hardship going on and she said that my message was one of warmed her heart when she needed it and that she appreciated my email.  I do love how the universe tells us when someone is needed us.  When we listen to our hearts, we can hear the universe guiding us.  When we listen, we can make an impact.  I have always enjoyed this woman’s company and I am so glad to have heard back from her and that we have reconnected. 

Older but a good one!

Now more than ever we feel the need for connection.  Maybe that is why this man reached out to me (although in the completely wrong format) and why I received this magical email that will make me smile for the rest of the week.  Connection.  I feel so disconnected from family and friends, but have also felt incredibly connected with my husband Sam.  I will be sure to always listen to my heart, my gut, the universe and do what I know is right.  I will spread kindness when and where I can.  I hope that you will too.


  • Amy

    Love this Paula! You e always been a huge inspiration to me. At every stage in our lives! Your kindness is what helps this world move forward in such difficult times but also when times were much easier. Keep it up!

  • Ryan Pickering

    You are one of the greatest people that I know, I’m so glad you’re my sister. Speaking of being your big brother and I know you can handle yourself as an intelligent fierce woman… But the next time somebody speaks inappropriately to you remember you can always let the Rottweiler off my chain